Dataverse: Setup Service Principal Access for Environment

Today’s blog I’ll quickly show how to setup a Power Platform service principal account for Dataverse and use it with Power Automate flows.

A service principal is a non-interactive “user account” that can perform tasks for Dataverse or other applications with elevated permissions and better security.

The tutorial consists of four primary steps

  1. Register an application in Azure Entra ID and give it a name.
  2. Configure API permissions for the application to use the Dynamics CRM API with user_impersonation scope.
  3. Create a secret for the application, which acts as a password, and copy its value.
  4. Setup an application user for a Power Platform environment and assign it the system administrator role.
Remember to grant admin concent!
For advanced Dataverse Web API actions and functions, the app user needs the “Service Writer” security role assigned as well.


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