Record // recurse // repeat!

Welcome! On this blogsite, you will find information about the technology stacks that I am interested in and that I use in hobby projects and from my daily work, subjects such as virtualization, network interfaces, coding in C#, PowerShell, Bash, and VB.NET. I also have a passion for UiPath RPA, Microsoft Power Platform and Azure Cloud Services. In addition, you may get a glimpse into my personal life through my daily experiences and stories.

One evening in December, while I was waiting for the Christmas holiday, I decided to review WordPress CMS hosted on Azure App Services to see how it compared to on-premise hosting and other popular web hosting providers. So far, I have been impressed – despite the harsh reviews from people back in October when it was last updated on Azure Marketplace.

The main purpose of this site is to:

  • log and review the interesting and useful things that I learn in order to improve my understanding of them
  • share my knowledge with likeminded people or anyone who may find it useful
  • use it as a personal notebook so that I can quickly look up things whenever I forget them
  • share my opinions and personal life with friends, family, and co-workers.





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