Nordic Summit 2023 @ Copenhagen

I had the privilege of attending Nordic Summit in Copenhagen, dedicated to the Microsoft Power Platform – a technology I’m passionate about. This gathering was one out of many held yearly to tribute the incredible community members who share their interests to the various Microsoft related services (focused around the Power Platform stack). I can’t help but to share the highlights and pictures from this amazing event.

My highlight of the event was catching up with familiar faces and meeting new people who I share the same passion with. As most events, what started as casual conversations during sessions and breaks soon turned into genuine connections, in which I also got to spend the time with some of them after the event (too many cocktails and almost missed my flight home the day after)! ❤️ In short; I walked away with not just new knowledge but also a heart full of gratitude meeting the people who attended (both old and new), who made this event so worthwhile. My weekend in Copenhagen did not disappoint – what a beautiful city!

See you guys on the next years event of Nordic Summit, which will be held in my hometown – Oslo, Norway!!! 🍻❤️😁



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