Automation Summit 2023 @ Microsoft, London

🌟 We had a Blast at the Automation Summit 2023 at Microsoft London! 🚀

Last week, I attended the Automation Summit and it’s PL-200 & PL-400 crash courses hosted by the always so positive Raz Choudry and delivered by my man Arpit Shrivastava with that knowledge that I needed! Oh boy, was it an intense week, but a really fun and exciting one!

🎉 An incredible event that brought together passionate professionals, experts, and enthusiasts from around the world where I got to connect with so many people! Heck! We even hung out at Chinatown Nelly Ngangmi MBCS (Rebecca and Raymond), and a quick stroll through Little Venice – Maciej Dombrowski. Also need to include the enthusiasm of Sharon Smith during the event, it was so nice to get to know you guys!

I was so blown away by the level of expertise shared by the speakers and the innovative solutions they showcased during the Summit. The sessions that I loved to attend were presented by Eickhel Mendoza with his tips to improve Power Automate flows and effectively shortening its runtime⚙️, inspiration from Lewis Baybutt use case of using Graph API for the meeting room resources that we also have in loop internally, #microsoft and of course Daniel Laskewitz hilarious Chuck Norris API demo with Custom Connectors🤠!

It wasn’t all about business and learning… We had a great time winding down, exchanging ideas, and even having “discussions” waaay beyond the Power Platform… Manoj Bora, Tim Feiler, Django Lohn, Mendoza. 😂

Also taking the time to express my appreciation to the organizers for putting together such an exceptional event and the team at Mazik Global, a Quisitive Company – and most of you that I got to know during the courses, you know who you are – ensuring an unforgettable experience. Thank you all for the hard work, next time I’m attending – don’t be afraid to ask out for some extra hands to help out!

I’m leaving the Automation Summit feeling inspired, motivated, and armed with new knowledge and ideas. The people that I’ve connected with was without a doubt the best part of it! Thank you to everyone who has made this event a memorable one! See you all on the next coming events!👏

Until next time, here’s a small collection of the people I got to meet in the conference:


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